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A recent reply to an ocean Biologist about protecting artificial REEFS while retrofitting Oil Rigs


Dear Dr. Anne-Mette Jørgensen,

I just read the maritime Executive page –

I agree with what you are saying… most human beings would.

“These policies, however, do not take into account that over their 20-30 year lifetime, offshore structures often develop into artificial reefs with high biodiversity and they come to form a part of the ecosystem around them on which a wide range of species may depend.”

Rather than spend ENERGY that the world does not have ripping them out in some blind nonsense -  “What’s really driving the global economic crisis is net energy decline” by Jonathan Rutherford

I think these platforms could become anchor- points for future biological living and trading depots for slow sail trade, living spaces and biological algae type growing

You’ll notice the different Algaes can be used to separate sea water into H & o2 & other fancy stuff that keeps food on our table every day – The tiny creature that secretly powers the planet (Penny Chisholm | TED2018) via @TEDTalks

This means that is within our means to add stuff on that make drinking water and begin to use these platforms for the things discussed in Ocean Scrapers – wwwhat?

3D printing a small floating city with with Algae + Ocean Garbage –

Lets just summarise.

Don’t waste peoples time or energy ripping them up and damaging the growing eco system.
Add things like biological water systems
Free compressed air using TROMP TECH that can be used for diving and many other uses.

This is about adapting offshore structures to store and pump air. The worst thing that can happen is air leaks. With Lloyds estimating that 70% of global oil assets now at end of life, perhaps we can combine a variety of knowledges to adapt rigs & pipelines to pump air bubbles into offshore and onshore trompes not oil into cars. Every time the sea moves the bubbles are stored. Think about it, how long will that serves us all?

Begin to collect the ocean garbage an make it into the structures required – don’t worry if there are a few years of bad weather and no one want to live on them – they’ll grow into be eco collonies.

You might be able to have underwater earth bags of ocean garbage?

Begin to grow food as per – & you may also learn from Copenhagen’s floating homes

But also – A farm on a rope, green proteins in yer ice creams, sea water greenhouses & lots of other stuff. Bren Smith explains his underwater 3D farms …  Have a great read!

Sell eco holidays there to raise awareness and money.

Plenty of new rig villages to adapt and that is that as they say.

Plenty of new kinds of jobs in all towns n cities, ports making this stuff and new kinds of holidays sailing to them and being in that environment as normal

All the rigs are worth ZERO + ZERO going forward so ask the oil drillers to OK it and they have a future in these villages and we have a clean sea and energy intelligent response.?

Please pass this on to as many people as possible.

Over and out.

Boyd Lee
Not so boring old Lancashire – heat waves n fires this month – 30 years ago a 12 yr old girl told the UN powers that be that something was wrong.

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