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90 percent of the data in the world today was created in just the last two years.


Source – Can data center construction market keep up with data growth?


1′s and Zeros.

Where will you store them, how will you power your device to access them – how will the datacentre power your 1′s and Zeros?

Will it use rubber bands?

Security Guards, card readers and cameras monitor the premises 24/7 to provide physical security.

What is the most valuable thing that is being protected? Data that passes on the mother board, not just in the data centre but across town, down the wire, throught router, onto yout ipad, onto your phone, into your office – competing with other companies in your sector your accounts are composed of 1′s and zero’s and the government gets to store these digits in a ledger and spend the results of those efforts on a variety of  projects to keep this lot going.




Did you know that creating jobs in a community increases the number of people out of work? ‪ Dr Al Bartlett‬


Why not build a home IF it is needed? Cheaper

In a developed nation over a lifetime you might have say 10 cars. Each car uses 400,000 litres of water to manufacture before you put fuel in.

Water at a price of say £1.50 a litre. That’s mmmm eerrrrr uummmm 10 x 400,000 = £40M – Why don’t the powers that be off you say 500k for you old car and 100k a year not to drive – end of?

And 90% of the world has no water to make the chipsets in the phones and devices – nations are patching up a pile of E garbage.

It’s ok to separate banks from the everyday lives of humans. At least there woul be a lotech banking network in each part of town with zero lenders. How does this become the norm rather than what you see arround you ?




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