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Melting Nuclear Reactors with a JET WASH.

Lots of new possibilities. The Melt it down Nuclear Jetwash company LLP incorporated on paper offshore non mining less conflict less road miles per new 1M ton new building  etc etc.

Why not have a proper Nuclear meltdown. With Water? For all reclaimed materials? Even less mining, trucking, shipping for materials. – more data about this idea –

 No more of this malarky.

How many digger, truck, ship, truck, crane, truck,crane movements less are needed if the materials you need in the town come from the town? Circular Aggregates? think of all that OIL that can be saved for better purposes?


Just pay the buildings and life gets really simple – no rent no mortgage no insurance industry equally split with towns and residents water blockchain digits cards ?  No more  credit checks form filling fraud – No one goes bankrupt and banking gets really simple. Everyone gets paid equally. Lots of spare office blocks can be residential?

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