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Strawberry feilds forever. 2017 algorythm version.

Let me take you down to any port town.

Landfill from everywhere was here as part of the single global landfill market where everyone with a mobile phone can get anything delivered to themselves from anywhere in the world for 1$ any time of day or night 365 days a year.

But nothing to get hung up about if you ask how little of that is needed & how do we get there.

Start with some foods and containers that won’t be travelling anywhere but achieve the same result – eg they deliver food without moving. A Horrible saving of energy and a tremendous value to any town village or city port because the town won’t need as much oil – so the SpecialDrawingRights kicks in nicely there. You’ve basically maximised the energy design curve in each town city based on maths and thought – not a gun in sight. Apply that to what’s needed. Scrap everything else & pay water money.

You might even get a strawberry feilds medal. Wonder if there is a herby fields Medal, A porridge feild medal?

Strawberry ready to be eaten - — GrowModule365 (@growmodule365) September 14, 2016

Welcome to Strawberry fields forever.

How many strawberries do you want to fall off the shelf right in your village or town each year – would you be survive with half that + think about visitors who want to come to your place because it’s unique post mortgag rent town?

If one container rigged up like @growmodule365 can produce the equivalent of 1 acre of strawberry crops 365 whatever the weather, then 1000 containers would produce the equivalent crop on the portside of 365days a year without moving an inch from where they are needed.  Imagine the savings – then calculate them.

Stay with it.

1000 acres at €7 a kilo in dry or wet or distant regions is a better rate to get for a container or lorry or packaging that does not need to move anywhere? The locals could afford to buy it because they’d have the water £$€Digits and there’d be no convertion rate because you don’t need conversion rates with a water digit bank.

Lets say someone knows the answer to each towns January – strawberry formula algorythm – taking account of the seasons and various events.

So then you say how many containers need to be retrofitted at ford or toyota assembly lines – no doubt they could get 22 a second out the door (industrial strategy) so then you have an industrial scale urban farm manufacturing boom with ships  lorries dropping them off where needed and nobody looses their job – because there are other assembly line things that need making too.

You could have Garage farms – so all those bungalows in lovely Lythm – they could be bungalo farms – back a module in or retrofit the garage and the postman or garage farmer takes the strawberries to the shop.

Nutrastructure – is infrastructure that feeds your village town city.

From a manufacturing and export point of view – factories that compete with each other to manufacture roadblocks (ford toyota vw etc) can mass manufacture these new farms at citi scale that make herb leaf and fruit in the new dryer regions of europe based on strawberry mathematics & algorythms.  Turn the robots on for 60 seconds – get 60×22 ford farms, get them on the ships, turn it on again. Turn the robots on for 60 seconds – get 60×22 toyota farms etc?

Provides car companies (expert industrial scale roadblock gridlock manufacturers) with a real industrial scale product range that people really really need in most towns and city areas especially wimbledon and they really need them making & shipping asap before the map at the bottom of this page becomes Your town. Edinburgh, Dublin, Lytham, Paris or London Davos, Scarborough, Pennsylvania, Detroit.

A viable strawberry policy at industrial & commercial alternative to regional conflicts, flood & drought.

Do you want a strawberry that’s travelled from no-where. Why yes – because i have no idea where it’s travelled from to get here today.

Uses a 10th of the water of arable allowing the farmers soils to replenish and plant perennials. Becomes a national asset.

Supplies food to the local economies without using trucks & packaging cleaning the air and reducing cancers from breathing in car fumes, makes us all helthier & takes the pressure off doctors and hospitals.

Everyone gets paid in watersaved money as the old linear occupations get harder to pretend so no need for a pension or a ‘job’ as such as we morph into a low water wasting sensible economy.

Repairs our concept of ‘money’ trading & making new things we’ve never had to make before for millions & millions of people.

CC: @KTN_Creative @KTNUK anyone @bankofengland who understands or can implement water banking? Liverpool manufacturing exporting container farms @peelports @PeteRadclife & @abports21

Strawberry feilds forever.

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