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Tromping along – from one bubble to the next

This is about adapting offshore structures to store and pump air. The worst thing that can happen is air leaks. With Lloyds etimating that 70% of global oil assets now at end of life, perhaps we can combine a variety of knowledges to adapt rigs & pipelines to pump air bubbles into offshore and onshore trompes not oil into cars. Every time the sea moves the bubbles are stored. Think about it, how long will that serves us all?

Tromping along – from one bubble to the next

A natural – non corrosive network of airbubbles.

North Sea’s remaining 470 oil rigs to be decommissioned by 2045, costing £40bn: 

North Sea oil: The £30bn break-up –

Between now and the mid-2050s, around 470 platforms, 5,000 wells, 10,000km of pipelines and 40,000 concrete blocks will have to be removed from the North Sea.

North Sea oil rig stays afloat despite massive storm swells …

As huge storm waves crashed against the swaying Borgholm Dolphin oil rig in the North Sea, one nearby worker managed to catch the entire harrowing ordeal on camera.

Thousands of North Sea oil jobs at risk as platform builder …

Thousands of North Sea oil jobs at risk as platform builder fails to … believes it is unfair that North Sea oil companies win UK tax breaks to develop new fields …

Decommissioning the North Sea

The wrong headlines.

Forget the oil & think beyond it.

470 x 23,500 tonne weights floating up and down = 470 aircompressors – each platform an air pump.

10,000km of pipelines

Storing air bubbles underwater or below a water is useful – it’s called a trompe.

Do you have underground -redundent wells or spaces that could become Trompes?

10,000km of pipelines + Trompes = ?

You can use compresse air for all sorts.

Some people are using it in motorbikes but it could be anything – food processing – powering refrigeration – assembly tools.

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Over the pond – 19.3.15


All those rough SEAS smashing our coastline – doing what the sea does naturally only 41 miles from Manchester

The same ideas elsewhere?

So adapt some tanks to air an as oil and LPG declines you have a compressed air network?

2016 Notes

Decom North Sea - @DecomNorthSea – According to Decom North Sea, a not for profit organisation working to minimise decommissioning costs, there are more than 600 offshore oil and gas operations of varying size and a network of more than 10,000km of pipelines in the North Sea.

Airbus This type of risk can be further exacerbated when operators extend the working-life of assets to exploit their productivity. A recently published Lloyd’s Register white paper stated that up to 70% of the world’s energy production, including nuclear, chemical and petrochemical industries, rely on matured assets.

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