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Posts from ‘January, 2016’

Cane and Arable

Cane water catchers. Produce 35 gallons each every night. What could we do with them if they were diff sizes in diff parts of muother ertho? Gathering water in ponds up in dry hills & canals in the flats to re-hydrate soils. + Qanats to cool the storage sheds at markets – no electrick + [...]

Farming in the BLOCKCHAIN using distributed ATMs.

Maybe you’ll like it- an offgrid bank that generates electricity & powers it’s own blockchain ledger that could pay for a new way to join farms & move food with way less oil moving farm ‘produce’ at 800mph without oil – all powered by accounting for each litre of water saved daily in the long [...]

Providing cool desert shade & drinking water

Water towers below stand nearly 30 feet tall and can collect over 25 gallons of potable water per tower per night. How many do you need to provide drinking and cooling water to the camps in Jordan? Imagine rows of water towers where they are needed – diff sizes for diff quantities – not hard? [...]

Could sound build shelter?

This is sand on a plate with the sound of the vowel A playing How can we use that in construction? Well – sound creates instant 3D models in fluid – so why not? What other sounds could make the shape or shapes of shelter from materials? Could they dry naturally and be fit for [...]

The longest farm in the world – delivers food for free – permaculture – iot blockchain rfid

The longest farm in the UK is about 2300 miles long. It’s a new way of farming – trading – storing – distributing food without competing & it provides all that we need – we just have to do it & trust the new design. On the longfarm your grub turns up without the lorry [...]

Modular Strawbale on stilts for flood zones…

Something is needed that supports construction & living in flood zones so that those communities are above the water? This has to be a cross party gov issue and industrial priority – could create a whole new industry that never existed before? Thanks Take something like scaffolding Fill in with straw. Up one floor to [...]

The Guernsey banking method… to pay for new ‘infrastructure’?

#flint or any other place on earth We all live in 200-300 year old towns and cities that were based on old fashioned ways of doing things – like old sewage&water systems – gradually the limitation of this way of thinking are coming back to bite us everywhere. Lets say you have 33,000 residents in [...]

Heijunka – using Car Assembly lines to make forests cheaper than Iphones.

Half the oxygen that you breath comes from the Amazon – start with that if your boss disagrees. Thanks Heijunka – the Toyota method of using Car Assembly lines to make forests cheaper than Iphones. Forests that give all of us oxygen cheaper than Iphones? Yaba doo Listen to the engineers turning away from mass [...]

Retrofitting Motorway Junctions – Useful plants and fungi for – food – cosmetics – fibres – gums – medicine – building materials

Perhaps we can link the motorway junctions & service stations with these spaces that act as new ecological spaces to raise and propogate the plants needed in the landcapes surrounding the old motorway network. The idea started with Alissa Walker’s – A modest proposal – ban cars – & promted the idea of building [...]