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Posts from ‘December, 2015’

Gilamesh wanted Cedar

Lessons – killing the forest protector & the floods of the world Reversing the the story of  Gilamesh

Up the Junction

That night i haven’t forgotton, we tried to move some cotton,  from one nation to another , more cargo quicky followed as the mum n dads hollowed – it’s flooded up the junction. What we’re trying to do is amplify old ways of moving things to pay growth usary & getting frustrated when they keep [...]

Bombshell – 138 million households sit down to free power – whats the war about?

Warning – sitting down & cooking gives you free cooking gas – and lots of other interesting things. Astonishing – and from a major publisher – must be worth pondering? mmmm ww3 for gas&electric or sitting down & get it for free? Hard choice isn’t it? If biogas can power 138 million households outside [...]

Boom in mini trains 30p per passenger as global steel glut takes hold – fun transport ?

  While there’s a global steel glut on – lets have some fun and make some narrow gage rail that’s useful to small communities all over? You might have a car for the a road or b roads but get one of these to school or down the Nutrastructure highway, no roof needed because, you’re [...]

Driverless cars means space for Nutrastructure?

The idea of driverless cars; what would all the drivers do? Everyone knows that bicycles are the most efficient way to move after walking that is & trains come next. Everyone knows that what bit of oil is left doesn’t justify the massive amount of  c a r  conflict. Is there a blessing in the [...]

Lets frack electric avenue – then we can have a fryup?

Hang on a minute – concentrated solar on plastic discs cooks food? Baking on Motorways? Imagine – the cars never move – we adapt them and we travel slowly sleeping in yurts – old holtels – caravans – campsites and bake on motoways togehter – – ha – retrofit VW/FORD/GM/TOYOTA what a laugh. billions of [...]

Chicken tractors

Yes. Like Peter Kays ‘Garlic Bread’ moment. Chicken? Tractors? Are you kidding? Chicken tractors helping us re-build the forests. If you’ve got 47 minutes and 47 seconds? Might avoid Margerine & Makeup flooding global billionnaires infrastructure?  

Margerine & Makeup

Margerine & Makeup – some biscuits too help flood towns & cities everywhere? But it’s ok – we can change? Palm oil  zone – 1910Pematangsiantar – thanky Plea to UN n 1960 “Loosing your future is not like loosing an election or a few points on the stockmarket.” Map of deforestation on Borneo (Indonesia and [...]