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Posts from ‘June, 2015’

Hugo, you know those 1m small businesses creating jobs?

  @hugoswire   Collecting VAT for the @hmtreasury More than 1.2 million employers have yet to begin complying with the new workplace pensions legislation – with another 500,000 having to comply by the end of next year. And the law says there’s a fine of £500 a day if they don’t comply? Source Accountancy Age. [...]

Motorways as foodforests, fish farms, free food delivery without Lorries

Growing perennial & seasonal food in new ways at scale between urban areas… it’s easy if we look beyond the present design Across uk 2300 mile long farm linked to france 6000 mile farm linked to Spain – Italy and so on. It’s a way to combine all foods into one big AISLE, it links [...]


It’s a green COW PIG LAMBCHOP What? It’s a green COW PIG LAMBCHOP BURGER SAUSAGE CHICKEN Waht Waht>? ARE YOU A LIVESTOCK FARMER OR RETAILER – are you ready to ask the ‘regulators – whoever they are’ for another income – still farm what you’re farming but farm this as well so when your FEED [...]


They’ve got cars big as bars, they’ve got rivers of gold, the wind blows right through you, it’s no place for the old. It is no longer controversial to claim that advertisers stimulate false desires. The primary pollutant of our mental environment is corporate communication. It is no longer controversial to claim that advertisers stimulate [...]

Which Laws are valid in a waterless world?

Are we saving the financial system – so that we can look at it in awe and wonder – or people who live in the towns cities? Don’t panic – there’s always a way out of chaos – it’s usually simple. In the meantime 40M people depend on water from the Colorado watershed… Water supply [...]

Homes that cost £20 a year to heat…

Homes that cost £20  a year to heat… and examples of schools and offices too… What would that mean to tennants and what value would the really bring to the buildings? Once you pay attention to this you’ll understand the other Buildings that don’t need heating or airconditioning systems. AND most ARCHITECTS are not even [...]