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Posts from ‘May, 2015’

Garden spaces

  The whole thing is sat on some decking / pallets. This looks like a simple structure from the 2 windows to the far door it looks about 16ft. There’s also plenty of light from simple roof light panels. It looks deep enough and the roof beams are strong but made from smaller beams that [...]

Pinball world or folding cars?

They sell you a vehicle – & there’s nowhere to park it… 36 months finance Sir? Sell you a house 25 yrs deathgrip/mortjob – noway to get to work in your vehicle – There were 443,590 lane closures on motorways & primary A roads in England last year for 44 reasons. @corecities … train Gromit? [...]

Living on the funny side

  I have no guns i have no knives , laugh alot & see the funny side… we have no barriers & shared the earth … Ra ra rasputrain… ha ha ha    

Using water scarcity to evolve our thinking as a civilisation?

Hi George, @LATimesSkelton @waltersbee @davidsiders i was tempted to just send you a link to a single post about how we could step into a new economy that gives people a very good income based on the quantity of clean drinking water saved and use that to re-make undoo – repair our souls. I accept that [...]

How your ancestors’ farms shaped your thinking

From the New Scientist The popular image of Americans and Europeans as individualist and innovative, versus Asians as collectivist and conforming, is partly true. Growing rice is hard work. Many people must work together to maintain communal irrigation canals, and transplanting and harvesting are also labour-intensive. By contrast, while rain-fed wheat produces less food per [...]

California – declares itself a permaculture state?

Without water, there is’nt a settlement – Permaculture is a way of designing & nurturing water as a prime resource and does not waste a drop. Where every you go you can see “Consortium Rash – loose millions or billions in cash due to MALinvestment” where a small quantity of humans who’ve always done the [...]

Are you a landowner – or a land…er – do you remember?

  Public refrigerated warehouses? Before YOU OWNED something -  imagine all the supermarkets were public store rooms and ppp-processing for the local land…ers so the farmers food got processed and stored local. Did thi read about cities wi out much refrigeration? 1.99 lets have a mighty good time 1% own nothing but dry parched land [...]

Can children survive the peacock people?

All the right colours – they speak in red – blue – yellow – infact any colour to get you to allow them all to hide behind the official secrets act so they can keep on living the life they do while you live the life you do. When you look at them on the [...]