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Posts from ‘April, 2015’

Life pools

  Just go and see her – something said. Maureen from Maghull… on the left. On the right…   How things have changed – check zone 68. Reflecting on 1968 … All these year later… 13 miles of docks… Warehouses that could have freight farms & #iot on them ? When we move to our [...]

Dinosaurs or Fruits – take yer pick – the Lancaster peak ale tales

  It were peak ale day in Lancaster n the laughin gang were meetin up. They were still alive and living amongst us Gromit – thi had big feet, long tails n were very clumsy wi others. Every town n city had em. bashers n mashers splatters n tatters fib n steal lie n kill. [...]

Low energy manufacturing – here n there as you need it.

  Hello – today’s lesson is about agreeing to move to a new manufacturing paradym First we admit it’s possible. Then we figure out the consequences Then we uses as many of the old Robots to make new permaculture infrastructure. Manufacturing ‘stuff’ without computers. So assuming our leaders understand that we don’t have to go [...]

Manufacturing the offgrid bank – the world’s local non laundering laughing bank.

  Please can you help us to manufacture 100M of these at least for the Isla Inglanod Del wetto? They save 250,000 litres of clean drinking water in every bathroom and we price each litre at £$€1 and pay each resident 250k a year for life for not KACKing up the planet. It’s the opposite [...]

Un cop a la vida

Bé, el que és un dia Elizabeth. Aposto a que mai vaig pensar que podríem tenir una civilització avançada i sense cotitzar molts béns, gravar violar n matant a la gent.Ara podem comerciar en qualsevol lloc sense moure molt les coses o l’ús d’envasos.Porta en una nova forma de fabricació. No cal matar la meva [...]

Pop Bang

  Big Woppers were gettin BIGGER n LONGER in WIDER on thi run up to the global selection of the To Let bank For the first time in 8 years the man wi no dad had a holiday and through pure luck – a place to stay after the holiday. Yer could be naughty in [...]

Robot GUTTER – the new playstation add on – kids doing real things on playstations

Don’t do what you’ve always done. Do it better with todays tools. What you’re looking at is gutting a house and rebuilding it in the stone age. What we’re going to do is create an open source file that any builder can access n tweek to repair houses. Building is very dangerous – lots of [...]

Zip Ferries – Fast Island Ferries that don’t need engines.

  Isle of Light New FERRIES Run a heavy rail on the seabed. Big motor at each end. Could use various types of boats around the world and for various uses. So overnight they could move stuff? Clip some new ones on fer the morning? As ports begin to flood – adapt ports to these [...]

Once in a lifetime

  Well, what a day Elizabeth. Bet you never thought we could have an advanced civilisation without trading many goods, taxing raping n killing people. Now we can trade anywhere without moving much stuff or using packaging. Brings in a whole new way of manufacturing. Don’t need to kill to mine the eartho much to [...]

She lives on dove sweet

The worlds first offgrid bank could be a way of basing our economy on NOT extracting daily amounts of revenues from everything that moves but on saving enough of the the one vital commodity called WATER that all cities need and using that as a citizens income to drive the economy in a new direction [...]