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Posts from ‘March, 2015’

Doctor Doctor please – meet me at the … on time.

  Hi Su @sulongnhs You’d like Martha Lane Fox’s .Everyone speech – it pretty much calls for a totally DIFF approach to public private service. We suffer from a lack of digital imagination … Martha We also waste vaste fortunes on KACK processes and bad tech. So goodbye baby baby goodbye (its so funny that [...]

Seawater greenhouses – hook em into rail lines?

So the Northern Hemisphere’s warming & drying fast and goodbye boring ideas. Here’s the basics… Back to thinking in thermals Gromit … So coastal areas can produce their own freshwater for greenhouses and inland when we’ve ripped the ticked barriers and cash machines out of the cities (n repurposed the materials in 3d print hubs) [...]

Nutrastructure – say hi to Robot trains :)

  Maybe you’ve heard about Nutrastructure – where we travel across the planet though food stations not plane or train stations? It means we evolve past using words like plane or train – they are meaninless separators in our journey – lets make a new way of thinking – we move through food stations – [...]

Together again

Can you see it? Chiselled in stone – in Manchester – hundreds of years apart – can you imagine the things we’ve missed together? For the Advancement and DIFFVISION of Knowledge … Do you remember Gromit the DIFFVISION of Labour?   n’ that’s that… Who decided that? DIFFVISION of Knowledge DIFFVISION of Labour Ha  – [...]

Manchester’s 3D Printing Exhibition – ha ha ha

  A Heart tis where them humans keep a feeling called Love We had to love one another – otherwise our hearts would die.   Immortality, longivity and preservation Preserving water preserves life on Eartho – thi were some interesting lessons about Water… Thi were goin Commando in California – it were serious – thi [...]

If you were a lawmaker wot would you do?

  There is no law to say we have to hate anyone – or make life difficult – or drill massive holes though the planet to get us around – or mine everything to extinction to fill retail shelves in ‘economic zones’. Luckily we’re a tiny Island with a climate change law and thousands of [...]

Ms Miss Mrs Mm Mr Madam can you #IOT it please.

Is there a case for offline IOT IIOT devices that trigger intelligent APP interfaces? Ok – preferences are personal to you and perhaps we can make the world very simple. So we can manufacture and transport stuff anywhere without transport. We also like travelling and so could do this manufacturing thing on the go… So [...]

California dreaming – on such a winter day

As good things go – she went. That’s a Hovis Poem. (Richard McFarlane from Bolton) 40 Million people have very little access to Water in the new song California Dreaming. There were this BLOKE we saw in India Gromit when thi first gulf war were on – he’s a very good friend of George Bush [...]

Welcome to the Gette age…

  Hello We’re in Alice n Wonderland today … Hopefully you’ve been keeping up wi the big river story in So Nice? Anyway – thi were a competition to retrofit thi Guido Fawkes building from flooding. The Winner – As the waves came in the inner chamber rose up towards the ceiling and back down [...]

Ce était la fin de l’Age Haul. 3D #IOT

  Bonjour Paris 3d imprimer une bouilloire conçue à Paris pour Toulouse ou l’Argentine en 1 clic – pas de frais de transport sans emballage – évolution Que diriez-vous obtenir votre dos ville et parisien âme – avec les anciennes façons de l’envoi de produits à travers le monde – CLIQUEZ – et 3d les [...]