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Posts from ‘February, 2015’

Birds show us how not to get a mortgage – wo&men say bye bye to the mortgage.

they were born in a world of twigs n biomass. humans were too. apparently we’re intelligent home builders. #permaculture the problem is the solution.    

the end of the Haul Age – have you seen the new Southport & Birkdale

  looks like Clint’s about … Don’t worry Gromit he’ll get distracted by the lady sat at the local Birkdale train station waitin fer thi freight farms ordered on the internet of ‘tings’. Amy were parked on double yellows but horse shoes bring good luck Just over the road it were Cafe Delight & thi [...]

Freight Farms – & the internet of ‘ting’s

  Hello This Feb 2015 post seems like along time ago? Time to retrofit towns and cities using old containers & gives time to save some soil and lots of war over oil shunting GRUB around the planet rather than growing more local? In feb we didn’t have the same levels of container freight price [...]

Building bridges – the new fashion way

 A bridge that powers a train or transport system between Liverpool / Anglsea and Dublin. Something that works when the sea rises 6M? A light – strong – two speed transport system? Thanky How do thi do it now? Thanks PortPictures.NL Ecological cruise liners coming into Liverpool Dock   God Bless

It’s an Apprenticeship Jim – but not as you know it.

Hi there Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Morning @IanStewartEcon Apparently “Improving productivity – or the efficiency of production improves human welfare” Let’s say some students were sat in your building and [...]

CARGO wot drops from the sky

  Did thi read? Gravity powered aircraft flies with no fuel? Aye – so onboard this were a ballon container planes plane wi the relevant ‘cargo’ on fer thi relevant destination… At a certain point thi lifted up 100,000 feet and thi headed off for thi destination… A variation on printing cargo @ ports wi [...]

3d Print HUBS and Floatels @ PORTS? …

Repair Hotels – a place in thi world where thi go to learn new crowd printing repair and take a vacation at the same time so thi were repairing mother eartho and repairing or healing yourself? Ooh that sounds nice… Everything you need to take on Holiday is already there and if it’s not thi [...]

Got straw – then you’ve got homes that use 90% less gas.

This is a story about accepting how cheap housing will become and making homes for people in VERY new ways. In the 60′s Bob Dylan sang about the times changin’ Can you see his words in the SQUARE architecture Gromit? Aye – Decimalisation. Counting in TENS changes the shape of the brain and the buildings [...]

Boats that print villages & Ports that print new homes

Retrofitting Ports with Massive 3d printers – Cork Dublin Liverpool Hull Southampton Newcastle Aberdeen Rotterdam London… Gear up for those incoming internet of things orders Noah’s laughing about… Have you heard about the new manufacturing supply chain ? Also… Refurbish old hulls for Ecological Cruise Liners that print villages with power stations? Refurbish old containers [...]

Trains Planes n Automobiles

About a year ago Peter Day wrote an article about the world being turned upside down. Imagine a world without shops or factories… Configuring OPENSOURCE Multi Modal 3d print PORTS across a small n funny Island Called Ingles. Hello today … fancy someth DIFF? It’s Multi modal Manufacturing, Retail & Transport Jim – but not [...]