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Posts from ‘January, 2015’

Pimp my ride – retrofitting cars as ovens & other daft stuff.

Pimp My CAR  When the sun shines cars heat up… but we waste heat – that’s why the mad men frackers are in town. Most of the energy we need is THERMAL HEAT. Most of the talk about renewable energy is aimed at electricity production. However, most of the energy we need is heat, which [...]

Pimp my ride – trains planes automobiles – using drones n crowd printing …

Pimp My TRAIN   thanks America were also impressed with a new way of sorting trains out. Nutratructure provides food as a benefit to having infrastructure… greenhouse missing off the roof. Permaculture corridors right down the trainlines mixed with bees , perennial food trees such as olives almonds and protein based algae pipeleines like at [...]

Manchester Airport closes as Passengers crowd-print Picachilli

Agrigulture is the number 1 planet burner – what can we do about it while we are stranded? the Gift is the new economy @ gate 7 today … everyone were getting paid to start up the circular economy – wi £250,000 water pounds flowing into their post office account they were happy to divert [...]

Growing bricks without using clay or fossil fuels.

Growing bricks in our towns and cities in 5 days… how not boring is that? Imagine a world where bricks are grown instead of fired: this is the world architect-turn-scientist Ginger Krieg Dosier lives every day. Ginger strives to create an alternate building block that will craft a more sustainable future for the construction industry [...]

Family holidays, trains, ageing populations, ecological nutrastructure

People get ready, there’s a why speed train coming. Designed for 250 km/h operation, the 1776 km route serves 21 towns and cities in 12 hours. first class ticket 658.00 CN = 69.73 GBP second class ticket 548.00 CN = 58.0747 GBP 1776 km route is about Lands End to John’s Goats & back down to London. 58.0747 GBP 58.0747 GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747  GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747 GBP58.0747 Sorry about [...]

New York prepares for snowstorms – nice & cozy in the plastic igloos

  Winter 2015 forecast from Slate – thanky Plastic geodisic domes – As the blizzard hits the geodisic domes act as igloo shelters. Cheap strong. Imagine the park will be super underground playground even if 3M of snow… N igloos are warm with snow on… play snowalls not economic growth … thanks

Spinning Jenny

  In Lancashire a while back – thi come up with an invention to help make fabric. It were called the spinning Jenny. Different threads on spinning bobbins were combined into something more. At first it diddn’t seem much but the moral of the story is that the world is full of clothing now from [...]

Printing ‘Cargo’ @ PORTS

Configuring ports to move cargo with out much of that naughty naughty fuel. In 2012 the Fedex founder, mulled the human cost of war, 700 planes 90,000 trucks burns 1.5 billion gallons a year @FedEx @FedExSteveUK In 2015 – with crowd printing & open source FEDEX and other carriers COULD OPENSOURCE 3d print cargo [...]

RAF fly crowd printed flatpack farms as the circular economy takes off…

All the big accounting firms had seen a different way – the cool word were DIFF – they had decided to join the people again before they all became straw men on the cayman islands or was it hayman islands – loosing all their numerical balance sheets… They’d never seen anything like it… took the [...]

Bellycopter money… the new way to fund real circular economy ‘infrastructure’ …

Agriculture – the number 1 planet burner. Food chain needed a big update before we all get baked… Need to do change to it as the old linear system is going belly up… Welcome to belly copter money – the opposite of helicopter money. He’re what we could do if cizitens (warming citizens) were released [...]