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Posts from ‘December, 2014’

Crowd Printing n Crowd Planting – zingy zing zing

Mmmm Christmas and New Yeary from… Temples of ecological destruction to Temples of ecological constructions. As the old world falls apart quite nicely, it’s lovely to see the new one start… Very few lorries, wars, mining or deforestation were needed to fill these new ecological Temples and yet everything you needed had been made just [...]

Unlearning trade and war

- If we unlearn trade – tarifffffs and barrierrrrrs – suddenly there’s no supply chain war. – To make space for new ideas sometimes in history you simply have to unlearn the old ones or you just end up with 4 more years of political viollence and regional hell. – Trade wars pepper our memory [...]

Ecological cruise liners from Liverpool to Lesbos – Dubai – Sydney

Easy to flip parts of the failing assmblyline model to full scale ecological earth repair & keep going until we’ve done it? Stop all war and build ecological settlements at industrial scale using the assemblylines skills and resources the world already has. To survive heat/cold hexayurt villages could easily go in first – while the [...]

Cities with buildings that don’t need refrigeration.

Hot n cold – wibble wobble – blowing west to east every single day. Nice n hot in the Middle East, Saudi n Africa today – melting footballs for Bolton wanderers new solar stadium. They’ll love our hospitality… We only needed a bit of minerals melted n that were that – another stadium done. But [...]

Multi story – what’s the story?

  Old car parks as transport vending machines. Here’s one in Bolton. Could use factory vehicles and meritocracy vehicles – that’s home made vehicles made at local shools using 3d printing and open source vehicles like and the opensource ecology ideas at BIKEAT. This way the town gets a whole load of new ways [...]

Bolton wonder – Solar powered football stadiums kick off.

  Over et wanderers’ the wer’ somethin shinin’. It weren’t smiling but it sure did put a shiner on your face every time yer went te’ match Come what may every day… But this marble is no toy. It concentrates both sunlight and moonlight up to 10,000 times — making its solar harvesting capabilities 35 [...]

David came on

The news. Friday November 2014. David came on had a word with golieth the international crime gang in Londonia & BrusellSprout and authorised the newspapers to tell us about some new seats that we could have on the train. When you got off the train you could pick up a sledge made out of waste [...]