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Posts from ‘July, 2014’

Gherkin building sold to grow cucumbers.

  Something interesting was happening in London, the insurance industry began to think about RISK in new ways – it soon spread.. Cucumber tower was born. The new owners needed to sell 650M worth of cucumbers and other low energy thinking… What were they going to do?      Thanks cityam fer the picture – [...]

Ecolological parliament drives the circular economy SLOW – established 2014.

Why can’t we have an ecological parliament? Well, there are people who do want it, people who don’t and people who may not know what it means or why it might benefit them. So the parliaments of the world have got us here – but if they were cars – their mot ran out in [...]

Retrofitting assembly lines

@TimDraper @gmlowcarbonhub @gmlep @Ford @FordFoundation @liverpoollep GM motor recalls nearly 14m cars in America alone – gadget complexity In America alone. While farms dry up. California Farmers’ Water Costs Surge 700% After Government Cuts Supply What are towns and cities worth is they have no drinking water for their residents and no water for their farms? How does that [...]

Game of Thrones – Why every citizen in England Wales Scotland Ireland are worth 250,000 a year

This is an old story but one that’s relevant anywhere there are water shortages and where the old economies need a spring clean oops that’ll be California Dreaming? The greatest games on earth are usually the ones you least expect. Like @SirRichardLeese said at a recent @gmlowcarbonhub  ’if we can’t do it no one can’ [...]

Why there isn’t a housing crisis

What have all big global retail stores, factories and distribution facilities got in common? They no longer work. They rely on mining and importing things from way off to make stuff n move it to global shopping centres that no longer need goods importing for a variety of interesting reasons . Oh, that’s alot of [...]

Permaculture Gardens in Jerusalem

Making better use of water on planet earth.

Retrofitting cities. New York, Miami, London, South Australia, Las Vegas … errr.. Middle East

If a car plant can make 1 complex car every 30 seconds – it can make 100,000 waterless toilets an hour? Rip the old ones out and fit waterless. Do a whole town in a weekend? Sao Paulo JUNE 2015 no water – California 40M people 1 year left – New york? Detroit, , Las [...]

Military Scale Earth Repair …. ‘warriors’ fought for centuries over these two pictures?

Hello whoever you are welcome – hope you’re not angry or worried about stuff going on the world – we’re humans and getting on is what we do best – some people like to make us fall out – but that’s how we go backwards.. For those of you that have been following the events [...]

Making better use of drinking water creating new banks & loads of new ecological jobs – looks like a winner.

In this post we can laugh at the phrase “take me to the water”. John might have something to say about that. What water? You mean you flushed it all away? Latest idea is to pay everyone in waterless and flooding coastal and inland areas to have a waterless toilet installed so lets say in [...]