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Posts from ‘June, 2014’

Saturday 5th July – Free Family Well Being Clinic – 1pm – 3pm

Saturday 5th July –  Free Family Well Being Clinic – 1pm – 3pm – Time Out For U – Holistic and Well Being Centre, 2 St Edmund Street, Bolton, BL1 2JR Ideas to promote the emotional health of families. An insight into treatments that can improve relationships, behaviour and emotional well being. Contact Victoria [...]

26th July – Health and Well Being day – 12noon – 5pm

  Time Out For U – Holistic and Well Being Centre, 2 St Edmund Street, Bolton, BL1 2JR A range of 30 min treatments for just £10: Reiki Reflexology Hopi ear candles (small donation towards cost of candles please) Face, neck and shoulder massage Seated acupressure massage Indian head massage Foot massage Chakra balancing Hot [...]

Marks and Spencer – low energy housing, roof top farming & 3d printing

Hello, thank you for your time. This is about a revolution. A nice one of course This page explains how to do the following: – Provide housing in towns without bills for elders. – Provide half price housing in / around towns for youngers – Provides new long lasting jobs – heck you might call [...]

Retrofitting cars to provide ‘heat’.

If all those parked cars were generating some heat while parked – what could we do with it? On this page we’re going to take a look at cars in a new way and linking up with some other  low tech stuff going on around the world. If you’re a product designer or manufacturer looking [...]

changing CEO’s at big box Supermarkets ain’t gonna hack it – something called evolution has engulfed them

Supermarket wars - margarine everywhere Half the fossil energy the execs waste retailing is more than enough to power hundreds of thousands of new energy free homes in part of those those ex-retail spaces & foster new ways of low impact living – & drive new apprenticeships making or retrofitting low energy buildings and open source [...]

Spirit of Trust & Caring Kitchen

Spirit of Trust & Caring Kitchen Would like to invite you to a free meal *************************************** This service is open to the homeless, anyone struggling on benefits, elderly or anyone  who just wants to bob in and say Hi. ***************************************** All ages are welcome for a free meal, a nice  cup of tea or coffee [...]

Meanwhile housing – mega trend

  All those people that need a home for a few months while that big empty property gets sold to doctor do-little. Meanwhile housing providing shelter for people while the big trees of international property ‘practices’ shake their branches. A new service that estate agents could offer all over the world. Hexayurt The easy to [...]

How a bit of old rope drove a low carbon transport revolution …

The Northwest of England is the premier place for investment into a low carbon future – the greater manchester low carbon hub is connected to the outside world and has the legal backing of the worlds first climate change act to try and turn the region into an example for other regions across the world [...]

The new age of home making

  Home making and place making are the core of our civilisation and yet – right under our noses – castles made of sand rise ever higher – seemingly unnoticed. To put it bluntly. The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read & write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn [...]

Sailing on motorways

No way! Great fun! But they only do 40 MPH Gromit what use is that? Woof woof miow miow get used to 40mph mr Cow… Yer jokin? On a windy say you could sail from Bolton to Manchester on the motorway… Park up n walk or bike into town… Didn’t take long for people to [...]