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Posts from ‘April, 2014’

You don’t need heating gas or air-conditioning in these buildings.

For people on low incomes and those not working – this way of constructing buildings has many benefits. a. Annual bills are so small that rent defaults are much lower. b. Inside temperature hovers around 20 degrees C all year – perfect for Elders and Youngest in both heat waves and ice storms. c. So [...]

Forget me not – In Bolton – A flower for remembering friends who are no longer here.

Forget-me-not Plant   Myosotis is a genus of flowering plants in the family Boraginaceae that are commonly called forget-me-nots. Its common name was calqued from the French, ne m’oubliez pas and first used in English in c. 1532.Wikipedia   Symbol of: Alaska    

Abbot Point Coal Port – Australia – Plan z emerges

Deconstructing Australia’s coal exports and other interesting things. Dis function is what makes us laugh, it’s very funny watching investors ‘speculate’ with other peoples money. Too late – the owners of this port in the protected Great Barrier Reef want to dredge the Great Barrier Reef,  so that they can get bigger ships in, throw [...]

Australia – food and water forever – an hours work for each Australian.

Dear Tony, @TonyAbbottMHR El Niño on it’s way .. no worries Seriously – turn yer iphones n pads off – take a real serious look. Only need these 12 trees per Australian and that’s all your food for the nation – you’re home and dry  it’s an hours work for each Australian, to plant 12 trees [...]