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Posts from ‘January, 2014’

Funding a CLEAN government is so easy – what a laugh

  So there is a building in London (does not matter where it is – every country has one) with a few hundred people in it who apparently represent 60-70m people. Lets say there are 1000 people. Lets say they get paid 70k. (don’t grumble yet) £70M Do you want to amplify that? So we [...]

Yes they can have a life & a house, no it won’t cost the earth – REMEMBER they didn’t mess up

  The generation of people all over the world who have not yet voted – did not mess up the banking system, they try hard to stay on the tracks and their future is being decided by old fashioned ideas in the minds of mostly powerful and hard to reach men who do not speak [...]

Imagine a world without ‘shops or factories’ – rethinking towns and cities ..

In October 2013 Peter Day wrote an article titled “Imagine a world without shops or factories“ In that article he stated – “We probably do not grasp the huge implications because, perhaps, we are still imprisoned by our past.” What is happening is simply astonishing … Every piece of real estate , it’s purpose, it’s value, it’s [...]

Open Source VACUUM transport system

  470 Oil rigs to Go in the North Sea. January 2015 onwards. Or? Open Source VACUUM transport system How are we going to get stuff around this Floody Island for the next 200 years – Lets use the force of the sea hey? HS2 ain’t going to work is it?  And FORD just announced global [...]