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Posts from ‘December, 2013’

Australia – lets go walkabout hey?

  Often wondered about the song Nina Simone sang about the king of soul  - ‘ are they men or are they beasts’ Resonating … like all good songs do… Make your own mind up if you want to live on a planet where this happens so you get a mobile phone or something else [...]

Understanding Housing Ministers – bondoogle time again – BUILDINGS cause 30% of climate change

Homes that cost £20  a year to heat… and examples of schools and offices too… What would that mean to tennants and what value would the really bring to the buildings? Have you noticed how your govern MEAN hearted housing ministers do not want to tell you about no energy housing that could be the [...]

50 open source machines for civilisation

  Marcin Jakubowski: 50 Open-sourced blueprints for civilization Things that are designed to last a lifetime . . . Only 1,267,679 people have viewed this – guess it’s mildy important? – yep u bet — tis the future Gromit… If @GMLowCarbonHub @neweconomymcr n London’s good bondoogle team get together and mash these things out  - ha – all those [...]

It’s very simple …

  We live on a hamburger …. in the northern hemisphere were breath a thin band of hardly breathable air about 4000 meters about our heads. We share that with about 3-4BN people depending what plane they are on jetting over the equator .. plus cars, trucks, motorbikes, pigs, chickens, dogs, frogs, sheep, pigeons …. [...]

the Celts are humans too – so please what is going on?

  What is going on …. only about 4 Million CELTS on a small island … just battered by the climates December storms – only 40,000 business’s offline.. Back in the day - There were four main religious festivals each year, marking the traditional four divisions of the year – Imbolc, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain.[6] The news paper above is of [...]

Bail out shoes – and the clowns bail out big time

  Well what do you know – its Christmas Evening – there is a GREAT peace all over the world as the whole world laughs at the people wearing the bail out shoes.. tis gonna be a great new year as the circular economy kicks in … ha There were FLOODS & chaos in London and [...]

David so so wants his pension ..

  And that is what happens with the ‘pressure’ on MEN to ‘succeed’ in ‘office’ .. you’ll do anything for his loan… and that is what DIMON wants… he wants you to die trying for your wife, and to ‘provide’ for your children. And Goldman Sachs are their competitors – so are they the same? Yes indeedy…. [...]

Mr Baker – could be anyones dad .. in any town on earth – but it’s Bolton

Stop pretending everything is alright – lets fix it. Andy Morgan asked Cliff Morris about having an Audit  at the last council meeting @Boltontory - not a bad question when you look around the town. The place is gutted. We know traders trading 50 yrs plus who say the towns is $$cked and they wanna build [...]

Lovely day in Manchester – great people – thinkin about HS2 n stuff

Well, where do you want to start? Barcelona to Paris high speed rail is €59 Euros and you dont have to change. Lets look at the UK offering. Sat at Picadilly Train station a women from Ayrshire was very happy with her train speed / journey at around 3 and a half hours. She felt [...]

No more waiting for yer Luggage at the Airport

Hopefully you’ve been following the story of the greenest market place on earth and the Arndale and the Trafford Centre In the new Bolton Market Place – you’ll book a holiday BUT MOST of your clothes for the destination will be delivered to your HOTEL from the local circular economy. Yer know , you only [...]