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Posts from ‘November, 2013’

Cutacre – Bolton

  So – here is an old Coal mine. Very controversial – what will it do next? How does it plug into Liverpool – London – Manchester Airport – Preston. Can’t rely on just Aldi – heck need more than that. Can’t rely on cars either – as Mr Ford points out. and Global retailers [...]

Dissembly – just do it :)

Dissembly The main concept to get here is that we can make 5 times the value from taking down old buildings carefully AND reduce HURRICANES and FLOODING – quite simple really. This idea came about after having watched 7,106 Islands wiped out in the hurricane Haiyan – We bagan by Chatting to Tony Lithgoe (designer) [...]

Trains – families and Horwich Loco works new future – if you want to

Have you heard about the double decker high speed train? The Single decker ones killed alot of Families last year in Spain – guess they’ll still be greiving this Christmas. Makes me cry too. Here in Horwich we used to make the worlds best trains. 4000 local families worked there and they all lost their [...]

Ocean Plastic Clean Up – nearly ready to go

If you like oceans .. This project demonstrates a simple passive way to clean about half the oceans of plastic – Please support this project – If you’re aware of Syliva Earle below – just imagine that Mediterranean and other areas cleaned And this PLASTICBANK.ORG project can take that ocean plastic and via 22 [...]

Remote Permaculture – NEW way of thinking about EMERGENCY RESPONSE. the new global REAL LIFE game.

Ready for a new life? or more #haiyan #sandy #ukfloods #polarvortex NEW way of thinking about EMERGENCY RESPONSE. Heck even the Military can get on board – Military scale permaculture Lets stop pretending that paying a mortgage in the northern hemisphere for 25 planet sucking years & shipping’cheap’ goods all over the planet 24/7 to fill your [...]

Whole new range of DESERT industries coming – Africa – bing bong bang – come to town

Hidden heat – continues  - this morning the UK has a new way of matching lost heat to under heated people. Now just before Lunch Africa finds out how it’s hidden heat’s gonna revolutionise the world. Laughing Buddah knocked this up  2 yrs ago. Took it to Bolton University GREEN day. Anyway lets all Laugh [...]

Welcome to your new Town and City and Region – if you want to

  For the benefit of those following this developing story. Last Month in FT Ford Motor company said in about 9 years at current rates of vehicle production – every  street / motorway / village / city / will be full of one vehicle or another. Yep – real cool Gromit. So your newborn child [...]


Local Level – Hot N Cold – Day – Wet – GIS – Contour – Jeff Lawton – Bill Mollison. Remote LogRobots to clear roads and stack for re-use, Snow Clearers, mud block home builders in desert or Arctic or remote boat getaway complete with water and provisions for a day  -  Storm bunker – [...]

How to fix the Food Poverty and rethink your town – in most towns across the Country forever.

contraption-on-top-of-contraption approach adds significantly to complexity and cost, and increase the likelihood of early maintenance troubles. The simplest way to avoid the problems of such assemblies is not to use them in the first place. Radiant City (1935) Vision for Cities was this: The cities will be part of the country; I shall live 30 [...]

Overnight the retailers in London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong all had an incredible AHA moment.

  What had been going on? Had nobody though of this simple logistic problem across the worlds cities? Lorries thundering through towns and cities across the land killing cyclists and polluting the air with diesel fumes that were killing the residents. Bye heck Gromit this was quite a global revelation for the Brands. There was [...]