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Posts from ‘December, 2012’

Frack and Laugh – Banks & Hedge Funds loose billions in Frackburger Lie – Ha

Dear David, Nick and Ed – we the general public live in the real world – we make decisions based on common sense and 90% of this Island just can’t stop laughing at Par-Lia-Men-t everyday – check this out.. This company called Cuadrilla (4 drills?) think that households will save £12-25 per household. 1. Caudrilla [...]

The new Ords Rayer

O growth, Hallowed was thy name. Your kingdom came. You are done, On Earth and in those hidden havens. Remind us that enough is trending and each day, Forgive nations for their part in the Ceremonial Trance of Ecocide. Lead us further each day from the International Temptations of progress, Deliver us somewhere near our [...]

Don’t forget about the 3 E’s.

Why is the economy still so unsettled? 5 minutes. UK Crash Course – Part One – UK Crash Course – Part Two – 9 minutes. UK Crash Course – Part Three – 6 minutes UK Crash Course – Part Four – 9 minutes UK Crash Course – Part Five – 4 minutes UK Crash Course [...]