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Posts from ‘September, 2011’

High quality soil creation – without composting

Jeff Lawton introduces us to high quality soil creation.

Would you share your home with the generation who can’t get a mortgage?

If  you have a home way too big for your existing needs and you have considered sharing it with a young family then maybe you can help by offering to share you home with the younger generation who just can’t pay todays prices for a home even if they wanted to. If you know of [...]

Using rising seawater to create arable land, food in areas once thought too dry to sustain life.

Rather than using seawater for desalination — which requires great energy consumption — Dr. Hodges proposes that seawater can be drawn inland to irrigate seawater-tolerant crops and plants, creating arable land, food and employment in areas once thought too dry to sustain life.Dr. Hodges’ math shows that if seawater-irrigated agriculture developed at the same rate [...]