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True or False? – 2 years of stable oil supply left – globally

1956 The first alert that america was running out of oil is given by Hubert (a geoligist) who predicted that america’s peak production would occur between 1965-1970. No one believed him. 1970 America’s oil production peaked. 1973 Oil shortages send the world in recession 1974 A professional body is set up and tasked to monitor [...]

Slow is Beautiful

Too fearful to publicise peak oil reality, the economic establishment accepts the world soon won’t be able to meet energy demands, but wants to keep quiet about it

Tuesday 10 November 2009 14.30 GMT Who are the International Energy Agency? Set up after the 1970′s oil shocks to give world governments accurate estimates of the quantity of global oil so that they could plan their economic and transport policies. Suddenly announce they have been offering governments advice based on ‘assumptions’ and after [...]