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Posts under ‘Council – do your local councillors & MP’s understand Peak OIL?’

Our political leaders, economists and captains of industry haven’t really cottoned on, blinded by the growth story

Where are we going as a culture?

Will the impact of peak oil be sudden and dramatic?

Richard Heinberg of the post carbon institute talks about adapting at city wide scale.

Why Do Political And Economic Leaders Deny Peak Oil And Climate Change?

By Alice Friedemann 21 February 2012 EnergySkeptic Since there’s nothing that can be done about climate change, because there’s no scalable alternative to fossil fuels, I’ve always wondered why politicians and other leaders, who clearly know better, feel compelled to deny it. I think it’s for exactly the same reasons you don’t hear them talking [...]

A Sustainable Vision for Bolton – 2012-2026

At a recent Transition Town event held on 11 Feb 2012 local people got together and asked themselves.. “What will Bolton Look like in 14 years time – and how will we get there?”   The 14 year view matches Bolton Councils 14 year ‘core strategy and local development framework vision’ for the town. To [...]

You only need 5 minutes to understand the new economy

What kids today really need to learn

What if we really told them the truth? Published on October 4, 2011 by Transition Voice Transition Voices

An end to ‘status quo of secrecy’ at Bolton Council?

  THE outside business dealings of senior town hall staff could soon be made public after Bolton Council was issued a High Court threat by the country’s information boss. this link is now DEAD ata the bolton news But this one remains:   For the RECORD: An end to ‘status quo of secrecy’ at [...]

Transition Town Bolton LDF submission to Bolton Council – Increasing job creation, building cheaper housing with very low energy prices (£90-140/year) and addressing food poverty

27.1.12 – Original LDF submission. 14.2.12 – Updated  (see notes at the bottom of this page) To Cliff Morris (Head of the Council) Keith Davies (Director of Development and Regeneration) Tim Hill (Head of Planning) CC Julie Hilling MP, Linsey Kell, Pat Barrow, Transition Town Bolton - Without prejudice or malice.   1. We object to all policies [...]