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TT Business – The Northwest & the cradle of the Industrial Revolution.. does it understand the next one?

Today we have an important presentation by Richard Branson followed by an Interview with Telegraph business reported Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and then an interview with Chris Martenson that pulls all this together. In February 2010, a group of business leaders (including Richard Branson) came together to issue the UK government a warning: we’ve had the credit crisis, [...]

You only need 5 minutes to understand the new economy

What kids today really need to learn

What if we really told them the truth? Published on October 4, 2011 by Transition Voice Transition Voices

Affordable housing starts with cheap land and it all gets better from there.

In April 2012 – people in all areas of Bolton will have new legal powers to shape their own affordable housing and many other aspects of their community. Bolton Council have to find land for 4200 affordable homes in most areas of Bolton. Do you want an affordable home? The argument for affordable housing where [...]

History of the wheelbarrow – Podcast

How to downsize a transport network: the Chinese wheelbarrow

Sustainable energy without hot air

David MacKay explains in plain english what our energy options are. We are very lucky to have people like David working in the energy department, long live David

Planning for energy decent – the moment in time less energy becomes available

Totnes – the UK’s first community plan –