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A Sustainable Vision for Bolton – 2012-2026

At a recent Transition Town event held on 11 Feb 2012 local people got together and asked themselves.. “What will Bolton Look like in 14 years time – and how will we get there?”   The 14 year view matches Bolton Councils 14 year ‘core strategy and local development framework vision’ for the town. To [...]

Affordable housing starts with cheap land and it all gets better from there.

In April 2012 – people in all areas of Bolton will have new legal powers to shape their own affordable housing and many other aspects of their community. Bolton Council have to find land for 4200 affordable homes in most areas of Bolton. Do you want an affordable home? The argument for affordable housing where [...]

Transition Town Bolton LDF submission to Bolton Council – Increasing job creation, building cheaper housing with very low energy prices (£90-140/year) and addressing food poverty

27.1.12 – Original LDF submission. 14.2.12 – Updated  (see notes at the bottom of this page) To Cliff Morris (Head of the Council) Keith Davies (Director of Development and Regeneration) Tim Hill (Head of Planning) CC Julie Hilling MP, Linsey Kell, Pat Barrow, Transition Town Bolton - Without prejudice or malice.   1. We object to all policies [...]

Open Architecture Network

Architecture for Humanity and the designers who volunteer with us and through our local chapters grew out of our collective frustration in sharing ideas and trying to work together to address shelter needs after disaster, in informal settlements and in our own communities.    

The great property swindle – a story about LAND that isn’t commonly known

From a Transition Town point of view there are some interesting observations made by the New Statesman article below and comments that are relevant to the residents of most towns and cities across England. The article below is very illuminating. TT Bolton’s food, housing and development groups have made comments in italics. Please join in [...]

Statutory register – common land and village greens

Commons Act 2006 – Common Land, Town and Village Greens Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council is responsible for holding and maintaining the Register of Common Land and Village Greens. This is a statutory document that provides a record of all the registered pieces of common land and village greens across the area.