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Other kinds of Westminster governments are possible.

  Arthur Blue Other kinds of Westminster governments are possible. The depressing thing is that no-one at Westminster seems to be making a serious case for such.  

Compensate each driver with Carcoin – captures cars & carbon – makes every home debt free with a tradable local / national asset.

Look back in time. Take this stone currency idea. Ownership of the stone is passed by word of mouth to transact business. This alone will not work, however if we jump to the present and have a quick  look around on website with big open eyes and a sort of ‘heck how did we [...]

Could tower cranes be a part of a passiv building once it is complete?

  A tower crane consists of three major components working in tandem, the base, the tower and the slewing unit.     Could the base be the foundations of the building. Could the tower be the lift shaft that lifts materials that later becomes the lift or the stairs of the building Then you only [...]

A recent reply to an ocean Biologist about protecting artificial REEFS while retrofitting Oil Rigs

  Dear Dr. Anne-Mette Jørgensen, I just read the maritime Executive page – I agree with what you are saying… most human beings would. “These policies, however, do not take into account that over their 20-30 year lifetime, offshore structures often develop into artificial reefs with high biodiversity and they come to form a [...]

90 percent of the data in the world today was created in just the last two years.

  Source – Can data center construction market keep up with data growth?   1′s and Zeros. Where will you store them, how will you power your device to access them – how will the datacentre power your 1′s and Zeros? Will it use rubber bands? Security Guards, card readers and cameras monitor the [...]

What frequency reverses / heals brain tumers?

Cell   Biology thanks Before Edison’s light bulb there was very little electromagnetic radiation in our environment. Liquid aspirin breakthrough in brain tumour research – Nikki Boyd, Robin’s sister explained: “Brain tumours kill more children and adults under the age of 40 than any other cancer with incidences increasing at an alarming rate. Only 14% [...]

Melting Nuclear Reactors with a JET WASH.

Lots of new possibilities. The Melt it down Nuclear Jetwash company LLP incorporated on paper offshore non mining less conflict less road miles per new 1M ton new building  etc etc. Why not have a proper Nuclear meltdown. With Water? For all reclaimed materials? Even less mining, trucking, shipping for materials. – more [...]

Strawberry feilds forever. 2017 algorythm version.

Let me take you down to any port town. Landfill from everywhere was here as part of the single global landfill market where everyone with a mobile phone can get anything delivered to themselves from anywhere in the world for 1$ any time of day or night 365 days a year. But nothing to get [...]

Giving happiness


Tromping along – from one bubble to the next

This is about adapting offshore structures to store and pump air. The worst thing that can happen is air leaks. With Lloyds etimating that 70% of global oil assets now at end of life, perhaps we can combine a variety of knowledges to adapt rigs & pipelines to pump air bubbles into offshore and onshore [...]