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Welcome to the next 100 years of common sense, humans take over planet earth .. because we’re all human :)

Transition Town Bolton (TTB) are part of an movement founded in Kinsale Ireland about 2005 that now has hundreds of UK towns involved and thousands of towns involved across most countries.

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What are our main concerns?

We are in a big tangled knot. Running out of many resources including water – who says we can’t pull the hand brake and ask — why are we doing this?

Our very competitive ‘win at any cost’ way of life forces many countries to compete with each other. Over 40,000 global corporations compete with each other for market share, shifting their profits to report their ‘winning earnings’ to the stock markets of the world. Meanwhile the Arctic melts, the jetstream moves south when it feels like it , England floods, America gets a polar vortex, a drought and Canada gets a few ice storms.

Even if you don’t believe in climate change and you firmly believe in ‘the markets’ how do you think coca cola will serve drinks in drought zones or where frackers have stolen the water?

This is a long page – give yourself some time to read it. Please tell us .. what do you think?

What do we do?

Since Hurricane Haiyan where 7,106 Islands were wiped out – YES - 7,106 Islands we’ve been VERY VERY active because we don’t want to get wiped out in the UK like this do we? 

 oh it’s January 2014 and we already are really badly flooded… 

So 30 years ago we used to make things the things we needed locally, now we manufacture stuff as far as possible from the shops, use incredible amounts of fossil fuel to get it to the shops, drive to the shops ourselves, and borrow money from banks to buy the car, the clothes made on the moon so we can browse the shopping centres where we don’t ever see or pay the real environmental or slave labour costs of what we’re looking at … looking back – good idea?


1. We want to see international responses that REPAIRS Mother Earth and puts back Permaculture footings - this MAY help to stabilise regions of earth that are currently getting wiped out so that they become safe harbours for human settlement – IF WE DON”T DO THAT – please expect another 50 million people wanting to live on our new improved floody island.

2. We think the whole ‘SHOPPING’ mall idea is over and Markets in every town on Mother Earth should be shared by all cultures in new ways like here and a little more refined here. That way as storms WIPE OUT other peoples towns we may be better able to take them in an cope with adverse weather while we help restore their lands using the idea above – if we do this then we will be welcomed when the entire south east becomes uninhabitable some winters – simple really?

3. Importing Containers from SLAVE factories for Shopping centres is OVER – Due to basic maths, at todays global vehicle production rate every road on Mother Earth will have so many cars you won’t be able to move anything FORD highlighted we’ll get nothing delivered and no-one is going to work – honestly – all mortgages on Earth will become unpayable – its that bad. the wonderful Globalisation as promoted by Out dated industrialists and bankers today is over. Watch the stock markets panic as AGAIN the leaders we voted in and bankers ‘growth’ mantra fail us. If we all did this in the name of democracy and peace and we now have to leave due to flooding …?

4. We think that making things we need close to town centres again is going to be ESSENTIAL – furniture here and article regarding using CRAFT based ideas and open source 3D printing.

3D printing will allow designers to “leverage the minimum run of one” – Charlie Maddock

Do you want a good laugh?

The following ITEMS are being printed using 3D printers.

Furniture – as well as our attempts to get furniture trade remade in UK - there are also other movements – download and make it yer self – so OpenDesk -

A car that crossed the US on 10 gallons of fuel -



Frames and Lenses for ALL glasses.

Shoes you can download and print – cubifyexample -

NHS PRINTED NOSE for accident victims available within a year

A baby’s life saved after 3D printed devices were implanted to restore breathing.

Natural Looking 3D skin - about a years time.

Printed Livers – tests should be completed by by 2014

A plastic heart that is powered by urine – early stages but the french have just implanted a full plastic heart in december 2013


Large format 3D objects

Large Metal plane components – BAE

Keys – yes you can scan your own keys and cut them

Still using a iphone 4? The Bugle acoustic amplifier makes for a great accessory: 

5. BUILDINGS . Why does it take 25years to buy a house? We think that the general public should be able to buy homes/schools/officeblocks that cost only £20 a year to heat but our housing ministers are REPEATEDLY failing us - why? You can build a shell of a 2 bedroom home in 1 day so why do we have to pay a mortgage for 25 years – that’s right DEFUNCT banking mortgage ideas are dead in the water?

Again our present leaders fail us miserably as the only solution they DRONE out on the television is to get a job, apply for a housing loan and spend 25 years of your life doing what 4bn other people have been urged to do – go shopping for stuff that gets imported from the moon so we can watch large hurricanes and flooding on our televisions.

Instead ..

Meet the people who want to print your home in 1 day. Yep mind blowing hey? Not even started yet.

We think many VACANT shopping centres should become cheap low energy ‘passiv housing’ using the 1 day printing method and use the self assemmbly construction method. This will make better use of the acres of stuff that will never sell as ‘consumer model gets less and less viable’.

As a society we are ageing – could we rejuvenate the high street and provide cheap housing – of course we can – we must if we are to adapt to the lack of resources globally and still maintain some quality of life.

Ordinary people across the UK or the rest of the world did not plan this terrible problem – it’s an old fashioned idea that’s gone wrong and it’s time for a makeover.

6. We think High Speed Rail is dangerous waste of money  but we’re advocating a LEAP past all the present technologies give ENGINEERS the front seat and at least address the next 200 years of low energy options we’ve left ourselves with. There is no harm in old fashioned simple engineering is there?

7. There are over 50 other Open Source industrial machines that we need to maintain a global civilisation so this will replace many outdated machines, and methods that we used over the last 200 yrs to get here. Significant savings for farmers and councils who can build their own machines and create jobs in the process. Forget handouts from profiteering banks hey?

8. For a big picture view of what we’re living on as far as planet earth.

Quite something hey :) gotta laugh – bored now… going for a walk


Prior to Hurricane Haiyan we were busy raising awareness.

We show transition or ‘new economy’ films to groups and business’s across the town that show examples of how to live a more resilient and satisfying life by doing things differently & by gradually eliminating time-wasting and resource-wasting activities. As a group we support each other, and raise awareness amongst individuals, local business, local government organisations and other groups, while also offering this website as a place to find links to local businesses, groups and organisations that promote a resilient local community and economy. Only the people of Bolton can organise this.

Tell me more about TRANSITION

Transition is a way to encourage citizens of an area (village, town, city, district, territory, island, forest …) to become more aware of peak oil and climate change, and their profound implications for our way of life.  The central concept of transition is the movement of resilience is the ability to respond in a more positive way to the constant wave of economic crises and to become more autonomous.

Many people now think we need to change the way our economy functions as cheap oil is no longer available.

Even the Bank of England recognised in October 2012 that the Occupy Movement has made them rethink their economic policies. In Bolton that means that we have to work together in different ways and most likely without zombie banks and with access to less material stuff. The towns educational establishments need to embrace these changes and understand the scale of the educational changes needed to provide skills for a low energy world and business leaders need also to look out for the changes ahead and embrace that same change.

TTB is community-led. Anyone can be involved. Everyone is needed. People involved so far are wide-ranging in backgrounds, ages, and experiences. Why not join in with any of our projects and groups?

Our Aims
· Promote more fulfilling & sustainable lifestyles.
· Reduce local dependency on fossil fuels.
· Adapt positively to the impact of climate change, to create happy and
healthy futures for all
· Share knowledge & pass on skills

Transition is the positive change we need to make in our hearts and minds in order to prepare for a changed world. Climate change and peak oil means we have to change our economy, but if we start building a more resilient community and economy now, a sustainable future can also be a very bright future. Crisis = opportunity.

The idea of resilience is central to the transition movement, which starts from the understanding that our current dependence on oil makes our economy and entire way of life very vulnerable. Transition is about finding ways through local community initiatives to develop our local strengths and become less dependent on oil.

In reality Transition is about a lot more than that.  It is about people taking a more informed and active interest in their present and future needs; being more aware of the world in which they live and the consequences of their actions; thinking about the way they really want to live, and getting stuck in to make that happen, in whatever ways work for them. (based on

What is the best way for people to link in with Transition Town?

There are several ways to get involved. First make sure that you join the e-mail list to find out what is happening and who is doing what.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook lets hear you voices please :)

Come along to the TT Cafe meetings and join in

Browse the many videos and links below on this site and so you know what is what… It will help you to start thinking about what you like doing.

You might then want to meetup with others at local events and you might want to get started on some project locally – this is how you’ll work out who you get on with and who is doing what. If you find there is no one doing what you want to do, you might be interested in starting a group around a specific project yourself and again we can put a call out for anyone else interested in joining you and you’d get going with the help of others in the town.

By Sharing information across the town, there are hundreds of people from all walks of life on our mailing list, they are always keen to hear about what’s going on in your part of town so let them know by emailing us tell us about your local project so we can promote it through the TTB website and mailing list.

You may want to think about starting a group where you are, talk to your Councillors and MP’s – they are busy and won’t understand peak oil unless you make an effort to explain the local consequences. Type in your postcode here and it tells you who your local councillors and MP is – go on try it.

We have a film library & TT Bolton can help you to raise awareness across the town with film nights (equipment, setting up, films etc) and talking at any meetings you may call. You can use our website to publicise your events.

Why aren’t the government doing this? – Well, there is a parliamentary group that has been set up but guess what ‘no one can print cheap oil’ that’s it. When you understand that, you understand that as far as the old oil driven economy goes – it’s gone and not one ‘government’ from now on will change that so they too are in transition phase – and globally. So we now have to prepare our own lives for something different rather than argue (one group v’s another) about what we could have done or should have done and by waiting for ‘government’ we avoid doing positive things ourselves, if we try by ourselves we’ll get frustrated and angry but if we work together we’ll build a strong trust in ourselves and our way of dealing with it & that is the backbone of the transition town economy – it’s not top down economy any more we simply have to find our own voice, become confident that there are alternative ways of providing services in the town that might at first seem a bit different but if they work…. We welcome any expertise local authorities have in moving towards a lower energy Bolton and especially if it comes from the heart of the ‘corporate department’ that is in charge of the town purse and who would otherwise persue Bolton’s ‘core strategy’ ‘designs’ for the town that even the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI)  “the UK’s leading planning body….” Authority say are simply not peak oil resilient.



Please use the contact page above.

Transition groups are forming in Horwich, Bolton, Bury, Adlington, Wigan, Lancaster, Clitheroe and are moving gently beyond ‘business as usual’.

We have a small group who meet up and organise local projects.

Ann, Sue, Elizabeth, Boyd, Vicky, John, Elspeth, Lorraine

With special thanks to Angus & Rod Everett for providing permaculture insight.

This short video is from a lecture by Richard Heinberg & explains how the oil prices are killing the old global economies and how we might begin to think about helping families across Bolton. To deny this is now happening in Bolton is to deny that you are in touch with global reality.

Even Richard Branson is working hard on this but to be honest Government and other special interests seem unwilling to have an open debate.

Richard Talks about his work to accelerate entrepreneurial responses and there are other videos on this page that talk about the economy in more detail.


[2] [1] based originally on Bill Mollison’s seminal Permaculture, a Designers Manual published in 1988, the Transition Towns brand of permaculture uses David Holmgren’s 2003 book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability.